Swann Sky Ranger - 720p Video Drone (XTTOY-SKYRAN)


Image of Swann Sky Ranger - 720p Video Drone (XTTOY-SKYRAN)

Swann Sky Ranger - 720p Video Drone (XTTOY-SKYRAN)

Introducing the Xtreem SkyRanger Video Drone. If you have ever had the urge to sit in the pilot’s seat then this is the drone for you with its amazing new first person view (FPV) feature, that gives you a bird’s eye view of flights on your Smartphone. It’s as if you are in the sky yourself! With high-tech components and lightweight frame, this drone can make insane loops and knife-edge turns that defy gravity. Its bright yellow, white and blue livery, distinctive rotor protectors, aerodynamic chassis and eye-catching undercarriage lights, ensure the SkyRanger is an identifiable flying object. With cutting-edge flying capabilities from Xtreem's Easy-Fly Gyro technology, it has 360 degree manouverability including up/down, forwards/backwards, sideways movements ('banking' and left and right turns), flip, stunt tumbles, continuous rolling and more. But wait up; the best is yet to come. You can keep a 720p HD video record of every twist and turn of your flights...

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