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Luxo Valo 4 Person Western Red Cedar Infrared Sauna (4N)

Features: Benefits: Renowned Western Red Cedar wood - resistant to decay Dual controls - Internal and external touch key pad Heat resistant tempered glass door High performance with 8 carbon fibre heating panelswith Far Infrared emission - 3 x Rear, 2 x Right Wall, 1 x Left Wall, 1 x Front PLUS BONUS 1 x Under Feet Built in CD player, FM radio with internal speakers Oxygen Ioniser and Internal reading light LED Chromotherapy (colour therapy) light  - restores colourlife balance Adjustable ventilation opening Multiple International and Australian Quality and Safety Certifications - ETL Semko/ ISO9001/CE/SAA/RoHS/GS certified for your peace of mind Assembles in 15 to 30 mins with 2 people helping Detoxify your body - The intense heat of a dry sauna will coax your body to lose toxins Manage your pain - Heat therapy is proven to alleviate pain & is great for all types of muscles, bone and pain Increases circulation - When circulation is improved, your body will reap the benefits of improved function Controls weight - Increased perspiration promotes healthy effortless weight loss Face off illnesses - Infections and virus-based illness can be effectively combated with sauna therapy Just look at this spacious four-person sauna! You'll immediately notice the extraordinary beauty of its wall-to-wall Western Red Cedar wood, the entryway made of two enormous, heat-resistant, tempered-glass panels, and the artfully designed exterior. What you can't see, though, are the generous extras that put the Luxo 'Valo' 4N over the top when it comes to perfection in luxury saunas:Extras that Won't Quit: 8 Carbon Fibre Heating Panels - Back x 2, Right x 2, Left x 1, Front, x and BONUS 1 x Under Feet LED Chromotherapy (colour therapy) light - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. This is the latest in light therapy! Stereo Player - CD player and FM radio Oxygen Ioniser - to purify the air and kill odour causing bacteria Internal reading light - Bring a book or magazine and relax even more. Adjustable Ventilation Opening Heat Resistant Tempered Corner Glass Door Double control panels - External and internal control panels are included for temperature and timer settings Easy and fast assembly - Interlocking panel assembly system which allows you to assemble the sauna in 15-30 minutes with an extra person!What is Western Red Cedar? Western Red Cedar is grown in northwestern United States and south western Canada. It has a beautiful red-brown texture with an aromatic scent which can assist with relaxation whilst you are in the sauna. It is renowned for its resistance to mold, fungus and decay therefore it is highly popular for construction and furniture making. Western Red Cedar is highly regarded as one of the best timber used for making saunas and it is great thermal insulator among its species therefore it can trap sauna heat better. Western Red Cedar has an extensive history of us by indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States. The wood has been used in a wide range of purposes - ranging from constructing housing, crafting canoes to making cermonial objects.Far Infrared SaunasThis roomy infrared sauna uses eight carbon infrared heaters to produce a glowing, radiant heat, which is gradually absorbed through the skin. The Luxo Valo 4N's heavy-duty heaters have a power of 2400 watts, and can give you as much heat as you could want. As you begin to relax inside this sauna, you'll feel stressors you didn't even know you had simply melting away. Even long-term problems with joints and muscle pain can be completely alleviated by sauna usage. Get Healthy!Sauna weight loss is another of the principle reasons the infrared home sauna is so popular around the world. The improvement in your circulation and metabolism, along with the loss of excess water and fat cells through natural perspiration, can become a regular part of your weight-loss routine.Infrared saunas are

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