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Gates TCK091 Timing Belt Kit

Get the added security of a warranty that is exactly the same as that offered on new vehicles with Gates Timing Component Kits. Why take a chance? With Gates timing Component Kits, you can avoid warranties and comebacks by replacing all critical system components at the same time. Replacing all wear items in the timing system each time a belt is replaced is recommended by Gates. Since the large part of the replacement cost is in the labour involved in changing a timing belt, it makes sense to replace all the components at the same time. All moving components in the timing system are subject to wear and need to be replaced. Committing to replace the Timing Belt AND all Timing Components at EVERY specified service interval means Automotive Technicians will deliver a healthy engine to vehicle owners and reduce the risk of costly engine damage. Above all, it secures their reputation as an expert in their field. At Gates, we understand the challenges and design every Timing Component Kit with the automotive technician in mind. Our goal is to make timing system servicing easier, faster, and of course, reduce the risk of warranty claims and come backs. Gates Timining Component Kits are the total solution for any application and include: Timing Belt(s) Idler(s) Belt Tensioner(s) Hydraulic Actuator/Tensioner* (Select Models Only) Water Pump* (Select Models Only) Seals Gaskets and O-rings other components necessary for a complete overhaul such as nuts and bolts, washes, springs, etc. installation instructions a mileage sticker Gates are trusted by major car manufacturers all over the world. This is why Gates products can be found in most new vehicles.

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