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Sachs Clutch Kit 3000 773 001

Today, the service life of individual clutch components is almost identical. The SACHS clutch kit for passenger cars takes this into account by providing all relevant components that are required for clutch replacement. These are usually the clutch pressure plate, clutch disk and clutch release bearing. The kits scope of supply includes a special grease for assembly that guarantees perfect functioning after the replacement. With the SACHS clutch kit for passenger cars, clutch replacements can be performed safely, effectively and swiftly. SACHS clutch kits are available in various combinations. In addition to the modern XTend clutch pressure plate, the most advanced kit also includes a dual-mass flywheel (DMF).Besides the clutch kit with DMF and XTend, there are additional combinations, for example with concentric slave cylinder CSC.These are also available from SACHS.

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