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Baby Dry Size 5 (Junior) 11-23kg Giga Pack (108 Nappies)

Pampers Size 5 (Junior) Baby Dry - Giga Pack All your baby needs for every morning to be a good morning is your love and a dry night's sleep. Pampers Baby-Dry have Double Dry-Zones: a new soft absorbing layer, and a core which locks in wetness better than next leading nappy for up to 12 hours of dryness so your baby gets the sleep needed to develop. Your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the night, every night, no wonder 92% of UK Mums recommend Pampers Baby-Dry for overnight dryness*. With correct sizing you will never need to worry about leaks and bed wetting during the night! Features 108 Nappies/Carton Junior Size 5 - Weight Range 11-23kg Unisex Unique Double-Dry Zones Soft, Stretchy Sides Sizefitting Fastening System Extra Sleep Layer Baby Guard prevents leaks Colourful characters Improved Extra Sleep Layer keeps wetness away from babys skin New Baby Dry nappies give up to 12 hours of overnight dryness Baby Dry nappies have Easy Tear sides Flexible Tabs expand and contract with your baby New Baby Dry nappies flex for a snug and comfortable fit * of 704 respondants

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