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Princess Brewing tattoo set that includes 2 tattoo sheets with sheet 1 comprising of baby princess phrases and sheet 2 has pink cherry blossoms and butterfly tattoos!Princess Brewing temporary tattoo set sheet measures 150mm (6 inches) wide x 225mm (9 inches) long.TEMPORARY TATTOO TIPSFirst and foremost, all Skyn Demure temporary rock and roll tattoos are proudly made in the US with FDA certified pigments that are certified safe to apply on all skin types.When applying your tattoo, be sure to choose areas that are free of hair, oils and lotions. Skyn Demure tattoos are very waterproof and will last up to 6 days on the skin with proper care. Areas that last the longest are: stomach, thighs, chest, bikini, center of upper back, lower back and other non friction areas. Please be mindful of bra straps, purse straps, watches, and anything else that will rub against your tattoo. These tattoo abrasive straps and accessories will reduce the lifespan of any temporary tattoo.TEMPORARY TATTOOS LIFESPAN:Depending on your skin type and the area the temporary tattoo is placed will determine how long it will last.Please refer to our placement pinup tattoo for more specific temporary tattoo lifespan areas.Area S - 1-2 days.Area M - 2-4 days.Area L - 3-6 days.HOW TO APPLY TEMPORARY TATTOOS: Cut your tattoos as close to the edge of the design as possible. Remove the clear protective top sheet and apply face down on the skin. Apply firm pressure with a wet sponge or washcloth for 10 to 15 seconds. Slide the paper backing off and pat your tattoo with the sponge or washcloth. Pat your tattoo with a dry cloth and apply face powder to eliminate the shine.HOW TO REMOVE TEMPORARY TATTOOS:For fastest removal you can use pure acetone that can be found in local beauty supply stores.After you remove the tattoo with the acetone there will be a sticky residue left behind that you can remove easily with baby oil. For those with sensitive skin you may want to skip the acetone and use rubbing alcohol and baby oil.HOW TO CREATE A UNIQUE TEMPORARY TATTOO MASTERPIECE:Be creative with the tattoos! You can cut, trim, shape, join and place them however you like. All Skyn Demure designs can be mixed and matched for the ultimate look. Below is an example of how to create two different looks by using the same stick on tattoos.

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