Image of Aspect Extreme C 20 Serum 30ml

Aspect Extreme C 20 Serum 30ml

Powerful Vitamin C Serum This powerful antioxidant serum combines Vitamin C and peptides to help promote skin elasticity and illuminate and brighten the appearance of your skin. This vitamin C serum also contains antiaging benefits due to the additional firming and tightening peptides which work to promote elasticity and provide your skin with a more youthful appearance. Also helps with dehydrated and sensitive skin as it works to repair the barrier of the skin. Pigmented skin can also benefit from this serum as it helps to even out the complexion and inhibit pigment. Features: Evens Skin: Vitamin C works to provide a more even and bright finish to the skin. Anti-Aging: Full of antioxidants this serum helps combat free-radical damage! Botox in a Bottle Peptide complex provides a tightening and firming effect! Key Ingredients: Vitamin C Free radical scavenger has anti-inflammatory benefits while also stimulating collagen! This ingredient is also pH neutral and helps to illuminate and protect the skin Vitamin E: Skin conditioning antioxidant. Peptide Complex: Comobines peptides that mimick the effect of botox to tighten and smooth the skin. Canadian Willowherb Extract: A comforting antioxidant to help calm and soothe the skin. Aspect Signature Blend: combination of 5 super botanicals which are indigenous to Australia. Helps to boost the efficacy of the product, skin tolerability and the sensorial experience. This blend is also high in antioixidants and a great source of anti-inflammatory benefits! How to use: AM only. Dispense 1 pump and apply to skin after cleansing. A tightening sensation may be felt shortly after application. Hot Tip: Pair with Aspect Extreme B 17 serum at night for great results! FAQs Q: Is this suitable for sensitive skin? A: This is suitable for sensitive skin, however, we recommend building up tolerance slowly to allow your skin to climatise!

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