Image of Vanguard ALTA+ 263AP Tripod | Black

Vanguard ALTA+ 263AP Tripod | Black

Find the perfect angle The 3-way fluid head pans to find your precise angle, whether you’re capturing scenic landscapes or up-close portraits. With three bubble levels on the head, you’ll be able to get the exact angle you’re looking for. With a side-to-side tilt of minus-60-degrees to 90-degrees and minus-30-degrees to 90-degrees of back-to-front tilt, you’ll be able to expand your horizons in all directions to get those perfect shots. With a laser engraved scale and head that features 360-degree panning, your panoramic shots will be on point. Get in low positions Adjust the legs of the Vanguard Alta+ with the flexibility to get into low angles. The legs are able to adjust to 25-, 50- and 80-degree angles and securely lock in place with a double locking system. They adjust individually, so you can get into some awkward positions with ease. With a reversible center column that can twist around, you’ll be able to take great macro photography while reaching really low angles. Reach new heights The Alta+ legs stretch to a height of 162cm, giving your shots the elevation they need to get just the right angle. The foam grip legs are weatherproof, taking on all weather conditions, so you can shoot out in the elements regardless of rain. With spikes that emerge from its rubber feet, the tripod won’t move anywhere as you’re shooting away, even on rocky ground. And if you ever need to take the legs off to make any adjustments, the leg hinges disengage easily. Load it all on Supporting a weight of up to five kilograms, this tripod can take on a serious deal of gear. With a secondary safety lock that prevents your equipment from accidentally falling off, your kit will be secure as you’re shooting. The removable accessory hook enables you to weigh down the tripod for extra weight under windy conditions, or use it to hang your accessories while you’re working. Lightweight yet solid Ideal for outdoor photographers and travelers, the Vanguard Alta+ 263AP weighs just two kilograms for easy transport. Built with a magnesium canopy, this tripod is lightweight but strong and durable to remain sturdy, in a sleek and modern design. - Vanguard Alta+ 263Ap Tripod Black

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