Image of High Society Morrissey sunglasses, glasses, optical spectacles

High Society Morrissey sunglasses, glasses, optical spectacles

If you're looking for a convenient and reliable optical solution, then these stylish Morrissey High Society glasses are a great choice. These Men spectacles come in Dark Bronze / Navy, and will ensure that you look great, whilst protecting your eyes at the same time. Morrissey are known for their elegant and sophisticated eyewear, and the High Society is no exception. These Rectangle glasses are made of Monel, to ensure comfortable, all-day wear. The size is 55. If you're looking to customise your Morrissey High Society glasses with your personal prescription then it couldn't be easier. Whether you're just looking for some reading glasses, or you have a particular optical condition that requires specialist lenses, we can cater for your needs. If you need some extra advice or assistance, or want to know how we can customise your Morrissey glasses, don't hesitate to ask our product experts here at 1001 Optical, and we'll be happy to help.

Price: $129.00 from 1001 Optical

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